Friday, May 30, 2003

And Now, A Word from the Troops

From a former co-worker who was called up right before my company was bought. (Do I sense a pattern here? "Damn, won't have Kevin for a year. May as well sell the place.")

People are always asking me what they can do to help the troops, and usually I say we're ok here - since we're pretty far back and have pretty good ameneties.

But, the other day we had a fire in camp and 3 tents burned to the ground. 12 Marines and 29 soldiers lost all their stuff.

If you want more info, you can read about it here

and see pictures of the carnage here

Good news is noone was hurt. Bad news is they pretty much lost everything they weren't wearing.

If you feel like helping out with a cash donation, I've put a paypal button on the site.

Kevin's got what might *really* be called a warblog: he's blogging it from the POV of a soldier stationed in "Undisclosed Middle Eastern Country (TM)."

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