Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Weird Crimes #117

While I was away for the weekend, someone broke into my truck and left me two light bulbs.

Well, “broke into” may not be quite fair. It was unlocked, as usual; there is no radio and nothing to steal, and it’s quite safe in my assigned spot in the covered parking area. In addition to leaving two small light bulbs (one amber and one clear), they moved an empty soda cup.

They also left the passenger-side door not quite latched—which would have annoyed me greatly, if the truck had a ceiling light, since the battery could well have been dead when I got home. But it doesn’t, and it wasn’t, and I am left wondering how and why they bothered with that door. I park quite close to the wall, and no normally sized human could have gotten in or out that way.

Have I been visited by the Light Bulb Fairy?