Saturday, April 26, 2003

Uber-cool, circa 1999

I'm writing this in a coffee shop while sipping a raspberry mocha. The wireless card and the laptop are a major success with me. I downloaded iTunes 2 today, too, so I can take some mp3 disks with me on my trip East. (Plus a few movies on DVD.)

I realize I am a few years out of date on the high-tech stuff -- if I were really cool, I would have a 30-gig iPod and a TiBook running Jaguar or that monster with the 17-inch screen. But what can I say? This is as cool as I can manage. And I am genuinely happy being able to take my writing anywhere.

Happy is good. Let us savor it.

Oh, and this is the first entry into the blog from the new laptop. Well, new to me. Thanks to the magic of Craigslist, I found someone selling a four-year-old PowerBook well below market price. He threw in all sorts of goodies as well, including a wireless card, a couple of spare batteries, not one but two power cords, and a little fabric swatch to lay on the keyboard so it wouldn't damage the screen. It's an amazing machine, slim and light, and it means I can actually *write* during the Thursday and Sunday NaNoWriter sessions, and when I'm away from home or at other times when I want to take the laptop with me.

Also, because of the wireless card, I can at last get my own email from my own computer, instead of surfing the web and reading email from Michele's. All in all, a wonderful toy.

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