Thursday, February 20, 2003

Yes, I Owe You E-Mail

I admit it. I am evil. I haven't written a California Report (e-mail home to my family) in weeks. Plus, I have stacks of unanswered e-mail, which I promise I will get to when I have some spare time and energy. I also have several posts I need to write.

I've been dealing with too much Real Life lately, including:

  • tight deadlines for fiction that I hope may eventually get me some cash

  • heavy workload, short deadlines, and emergency copywriting at work

  • weirdness with Gabriel (she's OK, but still miffed)

  • the physical and emotional fallout from two allergic reactions in the space of three days

  • plus all the usual time demands

I'm actually doing well. I'm happy, too. I just don't have much of anything to spare. And it's always the thoughtful replies that end up getting skipped.

I'm sorry. I will improve. I will become virtuous. Honest.

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