Tuesday, February 18, 2003

And in a Similar Vein . . .

A selection of slogans from signs at the SF peace demonstrations. The full list is here. The media estimated 200,000 demonstrators just in SF.

a$$es of evil - bush, cheney, blair
how many lives per gallon?
sometimes the french are right
bush: let us prey
orphans make great terrorists
empty war heads found in white house
cockroaches for armageddon
who would jesus bomb?
go solar not ballistic
mend your fuelish ways
code green - go for peace
be a patriot - ride a bike.
duct tape is not the answer
balm iraq
war = terrorism with a big budget
roll joints, not tanks
suck dick cheney
what's this "homeland" scheisse?
if war is inevitable - start drafting SUV drivers
war makes the victor stupid and the vanquished vengeful [nietzsche]
there are alternatives to war AND oil
don't let a rogue president make us a rogue nation
no dubya dubya III
our country has been hijacked by lunatics
killing for peace = fucking for virginity
quick, let's bomb more iraqi children before they starve to death
when the rich wage war it's the poor who die [sartre]
democracy RIP - 1776-2000... ah well, we had a good run.
preemptive war = terrorism
bush + ashcroft + rumsfield = terrorist network
our tax dollars should educate american children, not kill iraqi children
we want our constitution back
defend iraq against US imperialist attack
we have nothing to fear but bush himself
collateral damage has a face
now boys, don't hit ... use your words!
no ruler has the right to ignore the will of the world
i went to the gulf war and all i got was this lousy syndrome
abort the bush die-nasty
let iraqi children have a future, mr. bush
bush lost
war, greed, hypocrisy - we demand a change in policy
george bush = son of satan
draft the bush twins
hey - red neck, go back to texas
bush - endangering america, enraging the world
yep, let's kill the desperately poor on behalf of the obscenely rich
21st century bush doctrine - accept US imperialism or die
impeach the son of a bush
stop mad cowboy disease
first casualty of war: the truth
shut down the war machine
got terror?
i didn't bring my children into the world to kill for the rich
listen to old europe
buck fush
bush = white kkknight for oil industry
engineers against drafting
bush hates america
murdering innocent children is in the highest moral tradition of our country
save the humans
preemptive peace
smush bush
the only bush i trust is the one on me
the last time someone listened to a bush they ended up wandering through the desert for 40 years
dissent - the essence of democracy
stop the blair bush project
support our troops. bring them home
bush, enron, cheney, halliburton
bad plan, dude
jews for burning bush

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