Friday, September 13, 2002

You Look Like You Could Use a Laugh

I've been meaning to post this link to The Best of Craigslist for a while, but tonight I just had to. It's not just because it's hilarious, though it is. It's because it can make me laugh and think and feel like a human being even when I'm infernally weary (I didn't get home from work until 11PM). is a San Francisco original (now available in a number of other areas around the country). It is a bulletin board with ads for jobs, apartments, ridesharing, romance, furniture, useless junk, performance art, cars, and many other things, as well as online conversations about everything else in life. I found my elderly Mac, a gorgeous antique dining-room table and chairs, my truck, and several other wonderful things on Craigslist. And the Best Of Craigslist winnows out all the ordinary ads for traveling companions or 72-piece Tupperware sets and presents us only with the Ultimate — such as the guy who is looking for a traveling companion back into the past, or the guy who's looking for work (his major qualification is his skill at playing FreeCell on company time).

They're all good, but these are some of the best to start with:

Wisdom on marriage and kids: RE: Almost 35, Unmarried, Depressed
Wickedly funny classification of personal ads: Warm it up Craig
Microsoft error messages in haiku: For Those Who Fear the Window
Really unusual classified ads: horny futon mattress desperate for some hot action - $100; Lil' Unicorn is getting pissed off! (photo) - $1
Ten exciting reasons: It's great to be a cat.
Good sexual advice/personal ad: Foreplay - A Reader's Guide
The Creme de la Creme of that day's personal ads: Ladies, May I Present The Men
A warped and very funny personal ad: 'Modern Executive' seeks conspirator for accounting fraud and dinner.
Wise advice for those who dream of Someplace Else: We all have problems. Minnesota is NOT the solution.

I promise I'll post something I actually wrote at some point in the near future. Plus the Lumpdate. But right now, I'm exhausted. It's been a long, hard week, and I need to get to bed.

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