Tuesday, September 17, 2002

92 million

· Mexico's total population
· annual new cases of chlamydia in the US
· abortions worldwide every two years
· extra people added each year to the world population
· US and Canadian citizens over 16 who surf the Internet (as of 1999)
· amount in pounds that Internet abuse cost UK business (as of 1999)
· drinkers in the US in 1993 who were not heavy drinkers
· Americans who are functionally illiterate
· Pakistanis who are illiterate
· passengers a year who fly via the 3 NYC airports
· decline in global forest cover, in hectares, that has been estimated to be lost between 1990 and 2100
· people whose lives and homes would be threatened by a 50cm sea level rise
· number of pounds of cheddar cheese annually consumed at Taco Bells around the world
· population of Nigeria
· age in years of the oldest fossil ant known
· acres in the US protected by 511 National Wildlife Refuges
· acres around the world protected by the Nature Conservancy
· new cases filed in state courts in the US in 2000
· mobile workers in the US
· cases of lymphatic filiariasis, a severely disfiguring disease, to be treated by 40 countries this year
· acres of longleaf pine forests that formerly spread from Virginia to Texas (currently only 3 million acres)
· acres of U.S. land that is developed
· acres of grassy rangeland in Texas
· amount in pounds that the charity Oxfam collects per year
· people in Latin America who are without safe drinking water
· tax rebate checks sent to US citizens in 2001
· paper checks written in Singapore, 1999
· estimated damage in dollars of the 1992 Landers earthquake
· record albums by Bon Jovi music sold around the world
· record albums by Garth Brooks sold in the US
· population of pigs in the US
· working women in the European Economic Community
· questions answered by Ask Jeeves in the second quarter of 1999
· gallons of particles of hydrocarbons and other air pollutants from cars and factories washed into the ocean every year
· Americans who live in areas with chronic smog problems
· pounds of material Boeing recycled in 1998
· combined usage of today’s top ten paper users, in tons, ten years ago (current figure is 208 million tons, an increase of 126%)
· days in bed caused by morbid obesity in 1995
· egg production of South Carolina chickens during June 2002
· pages of documents declassified in 1998 by the National Archives
· cell phone users in the US in 2000 (rising at a rate of 1 million per month)
· Christmas cards sent by Australians for Christmas 2000
· American adults who planned to take family vacations in 1995
· in 1993, number of US households that visited casinos
· unsolicited spam e-mails advertising pornographic web sites sent to AOL subscribers by LCGM, using forged headers

In case you're wondering, I needed to jazz up the number 92 million for work this afternoon, so I did a Google search on 92 million. These are a few of the more interesting factoids I found.

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