Sunday, August 06, 2006

WSOP: The Last Woman Standing

Our own Sabyl Cohen has outlasted more than 8600 other poker players to get to the money rounds of the World Series of Poker. Now on Day 5, she's one of 62 remaining players. All the rest are men.

Her chip stack has steadily built, sometimes plunged, but she's a damned fine player, and she keeps coming back. I'm rooting for her, and not just because no woman has yet won the WSOP main event. She's smart, she's nice, and she's from Oakland.

I keep tracking her progress on her LJ and on

Even if she busts out tonight, she'll be in for a sweet six-figure payoff. But I hope she goes all the way to that winner's bracelet and the $12 million that goes with it.

ETA: She's out: 56th place, $123K payout.

Sabyl, you did an amazing job.

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