Thursday, May 05, 2005

You're Invited!

This weekend, MIT will host a convention for students, scientists, and persons yet unborn. No, it's not a rally for Embryo Rights (imprisoned in the red walls of an indifferent uterus, slaving without respite or compensation at cell division, forced to listen to the high-decibel jackhammering of cardiac functions and the menacing gurgles of digestion, these youthful citizens demand to be freed—and given the vote!).

No, it's the Time Travelers Convention. Anyone is welcome, although I imagine that special courtesies would be accorded Albert Einstein, Dr. Who, H.G. Wells, and anyone who managed to arrive from the future. (I'm assuming that at some future date, resurrection might be possible, or at least communication with the dead.)

I'm from the future, and I'd like to attend!

We're not sure how you're emailing us from the future, but we'd love to have you! Come as you are! No dress code whatsoever. We do request that you bring some sort of proof that you do indeed come from the future, and haven't just dressed like you do. We welcome any sort of proof, but things like a cure for AIDS or cancer, a solution for global poverty, or a cold fusion reactor would be particularly convincing as well as greatly appreciated. (No RSVP required.)

Appropriately enough, the events start at 8PM, but the advertised start time is actually two hours later.

The Time Traveler Convention
May 7, 2005, 10:00pm EDT (08 May 2005 02:00:00 UTC)
(events start at 8:00pm)
East Campus Courtyard, MIT
3 Ames St. Cambridge, MA 02142
42:21:36.025°N, 71:05:16.332°W
(42.360007,-071.087870 in decimal degrees)

Be there now, or wait until time travel is invented and be there later.

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