Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Plague of Hurricanes

With four hurricanes within weeks of each other -- one of which turned around and came back for seconds -- clearly God is sending a message to Florida. This battleground state is one of the most important for the 2004 elections, as it was in 2000.

When Hurricane Charley slammed into Florida in mid-August 2004, battering the state with up to 100 mph winds that knocked over signs, uprooted trees, and left thousands of homes destroyed or uninhabitable, one billboard on Sand Lake Road in Orlando survived the onslaught relatively unscathed. The storm peeled off the most recent advertising message displayed on the board, however, revealing in its place an ad from an earlier campaign.


Now, if this message is for Governor Jeb Bush, or Katherine Harris, or Glenda Hood, the new chief elections officer, who seems to be a clone of Harris, I bet I know what the Lord wants to say.


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