Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Top Ten Reasons the CIA Didn't Tell Dubya about 9/11 Clue

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of the CIA never informed a vacationing President Bush in August 2001 that a suspected Islamic extremist had been detected taking flight lessons, the panel investigating the Sept. 11 jetliner attacks on New York and Washington heard on Wednesday.

10. I tried to call, but he couldn't hear me over the baseball game.
9. Rumsfeld and Rice said not to bother them until I knew the attack coordinates.
8. I'd run out of cell-phone minutes.
7. I was in a meeting with Ken Lay.
6. Only the FBI is allowed near Waco.
5. John Ashcroft said it was OK as long as they weren't reading porn on the plane.
4. I thought they were planning to bomb Baghdad.
3. Have you tried explaining anything to that idiot?
2. Dick Cheney told me Halliburton would take care of it.
1. Well, hell, Al Qaeda was on the payroll.

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