Thursday, December 11, 2003

Lost and Found

Someone in our house left a door open to the Bermuda Triangle. These items have all mysteriously disappeared or reappeared since Thanksgiving:

LostFoundTime Gone
My PDAUnder a cushion on a love seat where I rarely sitsix nights, seven days
Michele’s PDAat a Wendy’sovernight
A Fossil watch belonging to a Thanksgiving guestin a backpacka couple of weeks
A laptop belonging to an employerin the garageover a weekend (and giving us heart attacks most of Monday)
Several overdue library bookslet’s just say the fines are adding upstill missing
My headphonesunder the futon, where Little Bit was wrestling themall day yesterday
The transmission of Michele’s carin pieceseternity

Yes, Michele’s car died for good Wednesday night, as we were driving home from work. I was at the wheel, and I am grateful to God that the transmission collapsed where it did: just as I was making a left turn onto El Camino. I was able to get the car through the turn and into the parking lot of a tire place. Ordinarily we would have been on 85 by then, driving 70 mph in the car-pool lane, but we had errands on the way home, and I decided to take back streets rather than suffer through the traffic on 101.

We were lucky. It was rush hour, but nobody hit the crippled car. We were on side roads (locally known as “surface streets,” as opposed to freeways). It even had the decency to expire within half a mile of an Oldsmobile dealership. They’ve pronounced the car dead, and now we need to scavenge the books and other goodies from its interior, figure out how to get rid of it, and start looking for a new one. Thank God we’re at full employment now.

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