Saturday, September 13, 2003

JOB HUNT: Much Rejoicing

It never rains but it pours.

Today, while I was at a job interview, Michele was interviewing on the phone for a contract. (One month for sure, but it may stretch to May.) I called her on the way home to tell her they want me back for a second interview, and while we were on the cell phone, she got a call on the house line. She starts Monday. And her new contract is very close to where I would be working, assuming I get the job I just interviewed for. We could commute together, saving time and money.

Sonja has had three recent job interviews, too, but we’re hoping I get a permanent offer before she gets an offer letter. We would all be happier if she stayed in college; a job in retail management (for which she is eminently qualified) would be exhausting, stressful, and low-paying. For the past 18 months she’s been looking for work in project management, which was her most recent position, but out here you must have a college degree and probably a certificate in project management for anyone even to look at your resume.

I’m not giving details until I know anything for sure, but I really liked the woman I interviewed with. She's obviously very intelligent, and we seemed to click. The work would be interesting and meaningful, I would learn a new industry (I have some understanding of the technical aspects, but I would get to learn a lot), and I would have a chance to help build the department and put together policy.

No word from Stanford on the editing position I recently interviewed for. I have a couple of other real possibilities, too, but again, I don’t want to go into details or get all excited until I have something nailed down. Other than my foot.

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