Thursday, August 07, 2003

Anecdotage: Birthday Revels

Started off the morning with a kindly call from my local EDD office (AKA Unemployment). They're all a-twitter because I am taking a class, which might invalidate my unemployment claim. (Really. They owe me several weeks worth of unemployment.) Despite the fact that the class wouldn't have interfered with my taking a job, didn't slow down my job search, and was chosen specifically so I could figure out new job options, they still might yank my benefits for the weeks I spent in the course. Can you believe it?

I finished my career analysis paper -- it ended up taking more than 20 hours of work, more than I put into most papers in grad school. Why? I dunno, I just wanted it to be right. Or I'm getting slower as I age. Or something.

I emailed that off, then spent much of the afternoon hanging out here at my local cafe, sipping my favorite custom drink creation, a White Chocolate Chai Latte Freeze. Mmmm, like sex. Then checked my email, only to find that the mailer daemon hadn't cared for it the first time around, so I re-sent. It arrived, which is really helpful. That's done. Gives me a warm sense of completion, like a warmfluffy blob of marshmallow creme atop the hellbrew of panic/incompetence/anxiety I always feel when I've submitted a manuscript. I'm acing the course anyway. I cannot imagine that this is going to be any kind of problem, but still.

The reason I'm not doing all this at home in my own cozy office is that my family threw me out into the street. I swear. Apparently they're doing something for my birthday that kept me banned from the garage for weeks and now requires me to be out of the house for hours.

Now I need to amble off to DeAnza to return a stack of library books, maybe get an Extreme Peach Tea Freeze at Coffee Society, and await the call that will let me come home.

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