Monday, December 30, 2002

Now that I'm Back to Work. . .

I have time to mess around a little.

While waiting for something to print this morning, I ran a googling search. Type "[name] is" or a similar phrase into Google and find out what the World Wide Web really thinks of you. It's the high-tech answer to scrying with a Bible and a key. Someone on the NaNoWriMo board suggested this as an interesting way to get random ideas for a character; it's also fun for yourself.

Personality and Achievements

· Lynn is "Torn" (DVD)

· Lynn is describing the spinal cord.

· Lynn is a great first doll for your little one.

· Lynn is snooping around.

· Lynn is the author of the seminal book on centenarians, "Centenarians: The Bonus Years," which is based on interviews of over 250 centenarians.

· Lynn is a kind, generous, and deeply caring person who loves kids, family, animals, and the outdoors. ... Lynn is looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom.

· Lynn is one of the most decorated women road racers in the Southeast, having won 8 Master's National. Championships.

· Lynn is deeply interested in all forms of healing and committed to "bridging the gap" between traditional and conventional medicine making.

· Growing up Lynn always had music around her and was always found singing along.

· Lynn is 12 years old and she asked if we would help her.

· Lynn is on temp. Medical leave. She’s in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer.

· Lynn is poised to become the lynchpin of North Shore Tech.

· “Being in Lynn is like starting the company all over again," she said.

· The hardest part for Lynn is coming up with all the ideas as well as being responsible for a staff! ... Is it true that Lynn is Canadian and so is the strip?

· A professional illustrator for more than 30 years, Lynn is an inspired teacher whose approach encourages confidence, self-expression, and individuality.

· Lynn is now on the comeback trail and confident of making up for the agony she experienced in not making the squad back in 1989.

· Self-confidence, says Lynn, is crucial to making it over all the barriers and obstacles that will get in their way.

· Lynn is making a difference.

· Currently, Lynn is the featured Tarot reader and Astrologer there.

Pardon Me, I Think You Have the Wrong Person

· Lynn is an award winning playwright, poet, actor, and former World Champion of Blind Judo.

· Lynn is always vying for that sparkle in the eye that will make a headshot stand out in a stack.

· Lynn is like many of us who allow others to tell us what we should do.

· Lynn is a sheet metal mechanic for a heating / air-conditioning company.

· Lynn is married to a really nice girl who's name is Ada.

· Lynn is learning very fast this few days.

· Lynn is the ultimate doormat.

· No doubt, Lynn is among the very best of the youthful smokers.

· Lynn is just about the last person who belongs in this situation.

Yeah. I Wish.

· Lynn is a vocalist with luxuriance of voice and mastery of its attendant technique.

· A versatile and original stylist, Lynn is known for a wide range of musical genres that includes folk, country flatpicking and jazz.

· Lynn is about to be treated to an afternoon in a salon as a birthday present.

· Lynn is back with her first solo CD in 12 years.

Really, I Never Would Have Guessed

· Lynn is a 33 foot Tiara sport fishing machine.

· Lynn is an outgrowth of a foundation-facilitated exchange between social service professionals from Tulsa and Israel.

· Lynn is part of the Gnutella Web Caching system which helps Gnutella Clients like Limewire, Gnucleus, Morpheus or Shareaza to connect easier to the Gnutella

· Lynn is a gaff rigged topsail schooner, having three head sails and a traditional square fore topsail.

· Lynn is an historic medieval port dating back to the 12th century.

· Lynn is scheduled for a 3-day appearance at Maryland Horse World.

· Lynn is the 1996 Medal of Valor recipient, presented by Governor Marc Racicot for her bravery in saving a youth from drowning ... [note: this Lynn is a search dog. I can be such a bitch.]

· For you history buffs, Lynn is generally acknowledged as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

· Lynn Is Key To Dot.Commonwealth Road Show

No Comment

· Lynn is an optimist who truly believes that love conquers all.

· Lynn is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker. ... Lynn is a person of outstanding integrity who is highly professional and objective.

· Lynn is not my favorite person.

· Goddess Lynn is a fantasy coach, BDSM Mistress, traveling companion and professional dominatrix that specializes in adult baby, adults in diapers, spanking ...

· Lynn says Laurie is always yelling at her, calling her names and has already told two of Lynn's cousins that Lynn is gay.

A Little Too Close to Home

· Lynn is a highly versatile author.

· Lynn is the middle child in her family

· With her husband gone, Lynn is willing to talk about her marriage in more detail than she would while he was alive.

· Lynn is baring her soul with this book.

· Lynn is pleased to be incorporating this beautiful and vivid language into the fabric of her stories.

· Lynn is an old industrial community that is burdened with numerous contaminated properties.

· Lynn is a very talented and dedicated Christian artist who uses his [sic] God-given gifts to advance the Kingdom of God.

· Lynn is known to members as a talented teacher, a skilled clinician, and a strong believer in the need for social workers to attend to themselves.

· Lynn didn’t take that lying down.

· Lynn is not a registered charity yet!

· Lynn is a very independent person.

· Lynn is active in the archival profession.

· Lynn is set in the heart of the countryside.

· Lynn is a feisty feminist in her own little country way and that makes her precious in my book.

· Opponents never know whether Lynn is going for their arms, legs, or heads.

· Well, where it counts, Lynn is on top (and she never made a dopey movie about aliens either!).

A Full Description

Lucky Lynn is a (master) thief. She has traveled far and has stolen from many rich and important people. The only ones that nearly caught her once where members of the holy Inquisition. She had broken into one of their treasuries and taken an unusual weapon from it. Now she is hunted. Her riding beast she got from a wizard in Al-Wazif for whom she worked once.
Appearance: Lynn is a dark eyed, fair skinned woman with a dark mane. She is about 30 and of average height and weight. Her expensive black leather clothes are matched by her exotic riding beast. [This is a GURPS character]

Lynn is the microbiologist who developed the symbiogenetic theory of evolution. Instead of falling all over the “survival of the fittest” theory put out by Darwin , Lynn wondered if there were instances where organisms would work together for the betterment of all. According to her theory of symbiogenesis, new life forms can evolve, not by dominating and wiping out the competition, but by the formation of close bonds between previously independent organisms that each bring a specific ability to the relationship. Sort of a “survival by teamwork” scenario.

Today Lynn is still making waves, researching her theory of symbiotic evolution and giving talks about her other theory, the Gaia Hypothesis

[This refers to Lynn Margulis, Carl Sagan’s first wife and a highly respected scientist in her own right. The couple split up when he wanted her to quit her scientific work and stay home all the time. Though they married when she was 18, she managed to earn her PhD as well as have and raise two kids.]

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