Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Baseball Notes

I’m rooting for the Giants in the World Series, and not just because I prefer the National League. Barry Bonds, one of the greatest players we’ve ever had, deserves a World Series ring. Plus, I have a love/hate relationship with the Disney Corporation, and it’s simpler for me to root for the local boys.

I’m a fourth-generation Phillies fan, an allegiance I’ll never surrender, no matter where I pay rent and taxes. When I moved here I knew I had to pick a local team to root for, at least if I ever wanted to watch any games. The obvious choice was the A’s, since they used to be in Philadelphia. They’ve given me a lot of pleasure already: for much of the season, they had the best record in baseball. However, they are not in the World Series. That fact indicates that the A’s are well-prepared to administer the suffering the Phillies are famous for inflicting on their fans. A comforting sense of continuity there.

San Francisco Giants fans are in general a talented, intelligent bunch, or at least no weirder than fans of any other frustrated, championship-hungry franchise. Some, however, seem to take the desire to see the World Series a smidge too far.

These ads from both buyers and sellers are to be found in the Best of Craigslist:

— Will Trade Car For Giants Tix
— Will let you kick my ass for World Series Tickets
— World Series tickets in exchange for doing something you do already!
— World Series ticket in exchange for job

That mysterious third one is a serious offer of good Series tickets in exchange for sperm for artificial insemination. It has all the usual strings attached, and it seems to be a serious offer. She does promise to raise the child as a Giants fan. Unless she has another set of tickets she isn’t selling, she can’t be that much of a fan, or she wouldn’t swap Series tickets. Not even for the chance to have a child.

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